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Pallet Jack - High Lift

Pallet Jack - High Lift


United Rackings "High Lift" Pallet Jack is perfect solution when you need to lift a product to a comfortable working height. 


This High Lift Jack can reach a height of 460mm while remaining mobile.

Any height above this engages the stabiliser pins and immobilises the jack for lifting up to 800mm while ensuring safety and stability when in use.

The "Single Stage Cylinder" means no decrease in capacity or risk of leakage.

Front & Rear Stabilisers provide increased safety by reducing the risk of tipping when the load is lifted above 460mm


Fork Length: 1150mm

Load Capacity: 1000kg

Max Lift Height Mobile: 460mm

Max Lift Height Stationary: 800mm

Lowered Fork Height: 85mm

Fork Outside Distance: 680mm

Fork Inside Distance: 350mm

Product Weight: 135kg 

Hydraulics: Fully Cast Housing 

Warranty: 12 Months


PLEASE NOTE: due to the high lifting scissor action, these jacks are only suitable for open base pallet and not pallets with bottom slats like CHEP and LOSCAM pallets


For more information on the United Racking range of Pallet Jacks please call or visit your local branch.


Pallet Jack - High Lift

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