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Pallet Jack - Stubby

Pallet Jack - Stubby


United Rackings "Stubby" Pallet Jack is perfect solution when you have a small heavy products to move around. The stubby fork length is perfect for small skids that are heavy and they are super maneuverable in tight spaces. Please note that Stubby Pallet Jacks are not suitable for full size pallets and in this case you could consider a Standard or Euro style Pallet Jack.


Fork Length: 810mm

Load Capacity: 2000kg

Max Lift Height: 185mm

Lowered Fork Height: 85mm

Fork Outside Distance: 550mm

Fork Inside Distance: 230mm

Product Weight: 75kg 

Wheels: Double Polyurethane (Not Nylon)

Hydraulics: Fully Cast Housing 

Warranty: 12 Months


For more information on the United Racking range of Pallet Jacks please call or visit your local branch.


Pallet Jack - Stubby

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