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Longspan Shelving

The ultimate storage solution, heavy-duty, three colour options, modular system, huge range of sizes and seriously good quality.

Longspan Shelving

Longspan Shelving is the ideal storage solution for those looking for a mid-range option that can fit into tight spaces while holding heavier items such as boxes and parts. Our heavy duty frames and box beams boast immense load capacities, making this modular system adaptable to suit your specific needs. Although we offer Longspan in kit form, including Starter Bay, Add on Bay, and Extra Shelves, we can also customize a system to perfectly fit your requirements. Whether you need only three levels in a bay or want to incorporate a workbench or a custom design, we've got you covered.


Longspan Shelving is the go-to industry standard for a reliable shelving system with realistic load ratings. It's why it's so popular on mining sites and in massive warehouses, but it's also available for your personal use, offering a level above the alternatives.

Longspan Shelving United Racking

Benefits of Longspan Shelving

There are a lot of shelving products on the market these days but nothing compares to the "original" Longspan Shelving. There has been no cost-cutting to try and compete with light-duty "cheapy" shelving systems because that's not what Longspan is about. Longspan is basically a scaled-down Pallet Racking system and follows the same engineering designs as pallet Racking which results in a product that has extremely high (and believable) load ratings. Here are some of the benefits of Longspan shelving and the reason why it is the best product on the market.

Why are the frames better?

Longspan Frames are made from heavy gauge steel so that you can really load a bay up, they are designed to take up to 4000kg per bay when correctly installed. When you pick up a frame you can feel the weight in it, they are heavy for a reason. All of our frames are pre-assembled in our warehouse (in Australia) so you don't have any nuts or bolts to do up, they are 100% ready for installation. The horizontal and diagonal bracing is all bolted in place, not welded. Bolting is the strongest method and eliminates the possibility of cracking welds. You will never see Pallet Racking with welded bracing and Pallet Racking is engineered to have the highest load capacities possible, that's why we don't weld the frames we bolt them. 

On the bottom of the frame you will find large heavy-duty base plates, these plates have multiple holes so that they can be bolted to the floor. The large size of the base plate gives the frame a larger "Footprint" making the entire system more stable on the floor.

What's so good about the beams?

There are a lot of beams on the market that are made from channels or folded into weird shapes but there is only one design that is the strongest. Our rolled box beam is far superior to the other styles and is the way that we can have larger load capacities and longer beam lengths. Longspan beams have a solid bracket that mounts to the frame, they have a three-hook connector system that securely inserts into the frame making the frame and beam connection superior to others on the market. The way our beams connect increases the structural strength of the entire system and results in a rigid design that is solid and does not "wobble" or "sway". Each beam has two locking pins that insert into the frame, when these locking pins are in place there is no way that a beam can accidentally be knocked out or become dislodged. The step design is customised to suit an 18mm shelf, anything less than 18mm would be cutting corners and that's not what Longspan Shelving is all about. 

Longspan Shelving United Racking

Longspan Shelving

Quick Reference Guide

Here's a handy reference for the heights, depths, and widths available in our wide selection of Longspan Shelving.

Beam Length
Load (UDL)
Locking Pins
Colour Options
Starter Bay Length
Add On Bay Length

Range of Sizes:

United Racking has the largest range of Longspan Shelving in Australia. There is no other product with the same Length, Height, Depth or Colour options available. We stock four different frame heights, have four frame depth options and have nine beam lengths available. Just imagine how many combinations this can create, not to mention the option of colours or having as many shelves as you need.

Shelving Options:

Longspan shelving has 3 shelving options, most commonly we use an 18mm particle board because it is strong and extremely affordable but we also have the option to upgrade to a wire decking or galvanised sheet metal. If you have a special requirement for shelving just have a chat with your local United Racking branch and we can go through the options with you.

Frames Height
Frame Depth
Frame / Beam Colour
Industrial Grey
Semi-Gloss Black
Shelf Options
Wire Decking
Galvanised Sheet


We understand that 90% of our shelving goes into warehouse environments where colour is not really important but for those other situations when you want something that looks a bit fancy we have options for you. We stock three different colours and they are all the same price.

  • Industrial Grey, is the most popular and great for hiding dust and grime

  • Semi-Gloss Black, very slick and ideal for when you want to make an impression

  • Off-White, is great in showrooms but can show up a bit of dust when in a warehouse environment.

Longspan Shelving United Racking


Installing Longspan Shelving is easy, we pre-assemble all the frames and cut the timbers to size. There are no nuts and bolts to do up (we have done that for you) and it all clicks together. The timber shelves are all pre-cut to size and slot into place. If you don't have the time or are a bit overwhelmed by the installation process, no need to worry just let us know and we can provide you with a very competitive installation price or guide you through the process from start to finish... 

How to measure up for Longspan Shelving

When measuring to see what size Longspan system is best for you, there are four important measurement you will need to know


(1) Height: This is the distance from the floor to the top of the Upright Frame, how high would you like the frame to be?


(2) Depth: This is the front to back measurement, how deep would you like the shelves to be?


(3) Length: The distance from the left side to the right side, how wide would you like the shelving to be? To work out the length of the bay you need to allow an extra 60mm per Upright Frame, plus the length of the beam. For example if you have a standalone bay with 1500mm long beams, the external length of the bay will be about 1620mm. This works out to be the beam length (1500mm) plus 2x frames that you need to allow 60mm each for (2x 60mm = 120mm) If you were adding a bay to an existing bay, (Add On Bay) you would need to allow for the beam length and only (1) frame, this means the “Add On Bay” will be about 1560mm externally..

If this is all a bit tricky to work out, don’t worry, just give us a call and we will work it out for you, thats what we do.

Longspan Shelving United Racking

(4) Load Capacity: This is how much weight you are likely to have on each shelf. If you are storing heavy items you may need a shorter beam to get a higher load capacity, if you storing light items then you could use the longer beams that have a lower load capacity. When you are considering the load capacity that you will need for each shelf you will need to allow for the weight to be evenly distributed over the shelf. We call this the Uniformly Distributed Load or “UDL”

The load capacity of each shelf is calculated over the full shelf, and supported by the beams, it is not calculated on a section of the shelf. If you have a really heavy but small item, look at using a smaller beam length to increase the load capacity.


Sea Containers

Longspan Shelving is perfectly suited to deck out sea container, so much so that we have thousands of bays in container all over Australia. From mine sites to bush blocks, there is no better solution for a container than Longspan.

Longspan Shelving United Racking


Longspan Shelving is the perfect storage solution in any situation but when it comes to Warehouses, the combination of Longspan Shelving and Pallet Racking is the best way to utilise every square inch and give you the flexibility of storing large and small products. Walk into any warehouse and the chances are you will find some Longspan tucked into a corner, or filling the entire Warehouse...


Store Rooms

With our extensive range of Longspan Shelving we will have the perfect size to fill any storeroom and maximise you storage capabilities. The adjustable beam height means you can adjust the shelving to suit your storage needs.

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