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Storage Bins, Tubs & Containers

Need to tidy up that workbench, warehouse or office? Want to get yours or some staff members workspace a little more in order? Then take a look at United Rackings range of storage containers. We have evrything from small containers to large tubs.


Made in Australia from quality plastic and available in a range of sizes and colours. Perfect for the organized person that we always want to be. Some are stackable and some designed to be mounted on a louvred Panel. Still confused…just call and we can talk you through it and ensure your warehouse is the envy of others.

Storage Container United Racking
Storage Container United Racking


Designed to be used on its own as a storage container, stacked on top of each other to create a bank of bins or mounted on a lovered panel, these bins have a need in any warehouse, store, workshop or just in your shed.

Storage Container United Racking

Utility Bin

United Racking's Utility Bins are perfect for storing loads of small stuff, the adjustable dividers makes them perfect to set op exactly how you need them and the high grade plastic will last a lifetime.

Storage Container United Racking

Plastic Tub (Black)

Made from premium grade plastic, these storage tubs are super heavy duty, they are built to last and you can store anything in them.


The clever design means they can be stacked on top of each other, or nested together to save space.

Storage Container United Racking

Security Crate

These premium Security Crates are perfect for picking orders. The lid is designed to lock in on itself and the box has holes allowing for security locking with padlocks or security strips. Security Crate a really heavy-duty and are available in multiple sizes.

Storage Container United Racking

Vented Crate

These super heavy-duty parts storage bins are ideal for just about anything. With their open front design they make picking products easy. Being stackable makes them versatile so that you can create the perfect parts storage system. Designed with a vented bottom to allow airflow and reduce dust building up in the bin.

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